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I believe that everyone has their own unique voice that can be unlocked and that everyone has a unique contribution to make to life.

I help people to find their voices and their path and support them on their journeys as writers, creators and human beings. 

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Alongside my work as a writer and facilitator, I also work one-to-one with individuals as a life coach. I trained as a coach with RD1st in 2012 and am a member of the Association for Coaching. 

I specialise in coaching writers and other creative people, but I am able to offer coaching on all aspects of a client’s personal and professional life, whatever their skills, goals and circumstances.

I also have a particular interest in helping people to move forward following bereavement or other trauma.

Coaching is a form of self-directed learning which enables you to reflect on what you want to achieve in your life and to make concrete plans to achieve your goals.

The coach is there to work alongside you to help you to uncover the next steps towards creating the life that you want to live.

I have personally found coaching to be extremely valuable in my own life, for my career as a writer, coach and facilitator and in helping me to rebuild following the loss of my love.


Coaching for writers


The writer’s journey can be a lonely one with lots of twists, turns and derailments along the way. With the stresses and strains of professional and family life, it can be hard to maintain focus with your writing.

Working with a coach can help you to stay on track or help you to find a new commitment to your path whether that be renewed creativity, a reinvestment of time, publications or exposure for your writing.


“Through her coaching, Beverley has helped me to pursue my dream of becoming freelance.”

— Anne Grange, Writer and Editor

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Other Coaching

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From my own experience of rebuilding my life following the loss of my parents and partner. I can help you to gently explore the possibilities for living a good life in your changed circumstances.

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Life Coaching

Working with a coach can help you to identify your core values and to define or refine your goals so that you can work steadily towards the creation of a more fulfilling future.


“Beverley’s coaching sessions have been key in giving me clarity and a stronger sense of certainty that I can ‘do this thing’. She helped me deal with an issue I had with a creative project with calmness and positivity. She’s helped me formulate a plan for earning income from work that I love and I feel very confident that’s achievable. In fact, I can’t praise her coaching skills highly enough!”

~ Alison Mott, Writer


Mentoring and manuscript feedback


Sometimes, as writers, we get so close to our work that we can’t see the wood for the trees, or find the path through the forest. We can be passionate about the stories that we want to tell but there comes a point when we need to focus on the reader’s experience of the work.

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 Why get feedback?

It can be hard to find objective and constructive feedback but a fresh pair of eyes and some serious editing may well be the difference between your book finding an audience or staying on your laptop.

As a mentor, I can work alongside you as you grapple with plot twists and narrative point of view and I can help you with the finer details too, right down to whether that sentence needs a comma or a full stop.

I can offer one-off reads of manuscripts or support you with ongoing mentoring over a longer time period.