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Workshops & Classes


I do what I do because I love to see people’s imaginations take flight, to create a space in which people are free to be themselves.

I love to watch the journey of transformation that people undertake when they write, seeing people move out of fear and towards the fulfilment of their own dreams, claiming their voices, expressing their truth, taking up the space that is rightfully theirs.


Beverley’s writing workshops mean the absolute world to me. They are a safe, welcoming space where you are free to let your imagination fly, and my writing has come on in leaps and bounds since I’ve been attending. It’s through this that I have found my writing voice. Thank you.

~ Lucie Jolley

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 I can tailor writing workshops to any group regardless of age, background, skill and experience. I have worked as a facilitator for Writing Yorkshire, Ignite Imaginations, St Luke’s hospice and the WEA. I’ve run workshops for schools, youth groups, community centres, drug rehabs, homeless hostels and refugee projects as well as running a range of private workshops for adults and children.


Get Writing Workshops


Are you always saying that this year will be the year that you'll write that novel?

Or that this year, you're going to make time for your own projects?

Friendly, supportive writing workshops for writers at all stages of their writing journeys. Think of it as push-ups for your writing muscles, a play date for your inner child, a chance to exorcise your demons or just plain magic. It’s best experienced first-hand, but is also available as an online course.

You’ll be guided through a series of themed writing exercises to generate new writing in the company of other writers. You can write in whatever genre and for whatever purpose suits you. Expect fun, laughter, friendship and solidarity as side effects.

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Children's Writing Clubs

Writing Clubs are a chance for children and young people to play with writing outside of the constraints of the formal curriculum. It is writing for writing’s sake. Like drama clubs or art clubs, Writing Clubs are a place where young people can express themselves, experiment, develop their love of stories and language, and grow in confidence. Writing is a creative act and not just a tool for passing exams. In Writing Club we don’t focus on grammar, spelling or punctuation but writing skills will develop naturally as children fall in love with the power of the written word.


 Writing for Children


A specialist workshop focused on writing for the children’s market. In this group we’ll experiment with writing in a range of genres and for all ages from babies to teenagers.

The first hour will be focused on writing exercises to generate new writing and input from Beverley on the different aspects of writing for children and the second half will be a feedback session for works in progress.

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Write about Love and Loss

I lost my love to sudden death. Writing was a way for me to process this and to find a way to continue on without him. If you think writing about your own loss might help you join my online writing group for people who have experienced bereavement.  




There’s nothing I enjoy more than facilitating writing retreats for other writers.

I run writing weekends at my own property which is just a stone’s throw from the sandy beach at Bridlington.

The weekends include workshops, quiet writing time and wonderful vegetarian and vegan catering.


"My first writing retreat and why I left it so long I will never know. Fun, friendly, thought provoking and focusing. Everything I wanted."

~ Stephen Mellor

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Writers’ Cafe

Writers' Cafe down at Kommune.

A great opportunity for people to write and network amongst other writers and to learn about the future plans for the Writers Hub which will be upstairs from the autumn. It's a lovely atmosphere if you'd like to come down sometime. Sessions are free and open to writers of all ages and stages, working on any genre.